Jeron and Lakia Morrow

About Jeron and Lakia Morrow

My wife and I first shared our stories to one another at a Navigator’s conference in 2009. After seeing how Christian faith affected her Mom, Lakia was introduced to faith at the early age of eight. Her faith has made her a humble, yet impassioned leader in her family and community. On the other hand, I pursued my faith after graduating high school in 2007, at 18 yrs. old. Although I excelled in gang culture and music production, I found myself desperate for hope and purpose. The words of Jesus offered me acceptance, forgiveness and meaning.

We married in 2013 and have committed to using our lives to share hope and purpose with those among us. Lakia uses her passion for wellness as a healthcare professional and leader in her family. I use my experience in the arts industry to build relationships in the entertainment community and launch influential projects. The passage in Mark 5:19 captures our calling: “”Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you.”” Mark 5:19, NIV The Bible

As I-58 Navigators, we are committed to relational and entrepreneurial activity that reflects faith, godliness and a biblical worldview in our community.