Mark and Annie Scaffidi

About Mark and Annie Scaffidi

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Though at different schools, we both joined the Navigators our sophomore year of college. It was through life-to-life discipleship during our sophomore years that we ended up learning what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Though both of us had grown up going to church, it was not until someone came alongside us and taught us to read the Bible and walk with God daily that we even began to understand his love for us.

This is exactly why we are excited to be working on EDGE at the University of Northern Iowa with the Navigators. We trust that the Lord is at work on this campus, and cannot wait to join him in spreading his kingdom in Cedar Falls Iowa, and to the ends of the earth. We hope to do this by investing in students through small groups and one-one discipleship.

As we meet with students at UNI we will spend time teaching them not only to read their bible, but to commit themselves to living by what it says, including passing it on to others. Our passion is to see people’s lives changed, and we believe that the Lord will do this through generations of disciple-makers finding joy in God, and passing his word on to others.