Philip Baran

About Philip Baran

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Every Navigator’s passion is to help others know Christ and to make Him known®. Through small-group Bible studies and life-on-life discipleship, we come alongside people and teach them to be Christ’s followers as they study and apply the Word of God to chart their lives. Then we train them to pass what they have learned on to others.

Navigator Church Ministries (NCM) is designed to strengthen and encourage the local church. We want to empower and train church leaders through coaching, mentoring, and disciple-making so that they in turn can empower, train, coach, and mentor new disciple-makers that rise up from within their own church.

~> Our main passion is to help people grow in their relationships with God, others, and themselves by recognizing the gift of their own sexuality and gender and seeing how it enables them to relate with God and with fellow humanity.

~> We serve in a role within The Navigators that blends focus on disciple making in the local church with sexual health and wholeness.

~>We have been freed to love and be loved. We long for the Body of Christ to understand this and with that understanding, to engage with our broken and fallen world.

~>We long to be fully known and fully loved and are terrified that if someone knew us fully there is no way they could actually love us. God does.

~>Both of us are pursuing an MDiv at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. This training will further our ability to carry out our calling in a pastoral and Biblically-grounded way.

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