Adam and Cassidy Purdy

About Adam and Cassidy Purdy

We’ve been with The Navigators since 2017 and were greatly impacted by the ministry in college at Northwest Missouri State University. We care deeply about making disciples and we believe the college campus is one of the most strategic places to do just that.


November 25, 2019

We’d like to share with you about an upcoming initiative we are leading at the University of Missouri called Noblemen. The Noblemen discipleship program is designed to help young men develop strong Biblical convictions on what it truly means to be a man of God. Throughout the semester, we will focus on challenging topics such as leadership, identity in Christ, integrity, relationships, and sexual wholeness. “I’m so excited to see how Noblemen can help me become a man of influence in my fraternity,” said Chris, a sophomore in our ministry. “Even though it’s a Christian fraternity, I see a huge need for men to step up and move in the direction of making an impact on our campus. I want to completely change the culture of my fraternity by the time I graduate.”

Chris is just one of the many men who are hungry to see God make a difference through them at our campus and for the rest of their lives. Please pray with us that God would do incredible things to raise up the next generation of strong male leaders in the ministry.