Mark and Leigh Ann Looyenga

About Mark and Leigh Ann Looyenga

Leigh Ann and I have been called to work with The Navigators since 2013. During our previous twelve years in pastoral ministry, God’s Spirit grew our hearts in love for his people, especially for those He had called to be his leaders.

As our society increases in complexity, size, and brokenness, there are growing numbers of leaders who struggle with underlying issues. Our passion is to see these ministry leaders, especially those of the next generation, deeply experience the heart of Christ’s goodness in the dark and broken places of their lives.

We are thus grateful for God’s call to join the People Resources Team (PRT) of The Navigators. He is using this team to bring laborers into the help, hope, and healing of Christ. We are excited about this good work and for the opportunity invite such leaders into Christ’s rhythms of rest so that they may live and labor with hearts alive.

We are also grateful for God’s call to participate in raising up the next generation of leaders by parenting our three wonderful children, Caleb, Evan, and Cariann through life on life discipleship.