Brandon Yohn

About Brandon Yohn

I got involved with The Navigators my freshman year at Kansas State University when I was invited to join one of their Bible studies. At the time I was in the process of walking away from the Lord, but through the love and patience members of the organization showed me I was able to return with a new understanding of faith and what it means to be a follower of Christ. For the rest of my college career, I met with staff members of The Navigators who invested in me and helped me to mature and develop a heart for reaching out to others who have questions about their faith, just as I did.

College is a unique time of life in which students begin their adult lives and are searching for an identity. This is why The Navigators believe that collegiate ministry is so crucial, because it reaches out to young adults during a vital stage of development. Through Bible studies and personal one-to-one discipleship, we are able to come alongside people and teach them to be Christ’s followers as they study and apply the Word of God in their daily lives. Then we train them to pass what they have learned on to others in order to develop life-long laborers in the Kingdom.