Don and DeAnn Fraser

Don and DeAnn Fraser

Don & DeAnn are long-time Navigators-at-heart who want more than anything else to give high-school kids the vision and experience that God wants them, will be with them, and will work in and through them in the lives of people around them. People everywhere want be part of something much bigger than themselves, and they find such freedom and purpose when someone takes the time to walk with them and help them to actually experience the kind of real relationship that God intended! When they find that, they want others to find it, too! It’s not just a “teen” thing, but it is so very powerful in a young life to get that at a time when they are just beginning to ask deeper questions and understand their faith as a real, personal thing. It becomes part of who they are, and it shapes their faith for a lifetime!

Our vision is …
► to see our youth begin to know and experience God’s love, presence, and power in very personal, sustainable, and dynamic ways!
► to see our youth be able to help others to experience the same!
► to see high-school disciple-makers doing just this kind of thing across America, beginning alongside our Navigator collegiate ministries!
► to see our youth going “into the nations” to reach every continent — even every nation!

Psalm 145:3-4
Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
his greatness no one can fathom!
One generation will commend your works to another;
they will tell of your mighty acts!

Don & DeAnn currently live and minister in Columbia, MD. They have two grown sons, Zach and Nate.


January 16, 2019

Well the Spring semester is under way and we finally have snow on the ground, NavYouth has a new name, and we’re still pursuing the Best Friendship Ever — but in some very seriously challenging ways! Read on … and please pray!

• The Best Friendship Ever : Our year-long topic forges on into the challenging territory of sin. What’s that really about? How can it actually drive us into deeper relationship with God? with each other? What about people who’ve hurt me? or been hurt by me? Can those broken relationships ever be good again? WHAT?! even better than before? Please pray for these young hearts and minds to under-stand and to begin relating to God and each other in profound new ways!

• Rethinking Sexuality : Much in our society is changing so quickly, and much that we may have never seen, or thought easily understood, is now promoted to our youth as normal. Indeed, it has become normal, because it is already part of their everyday lives. It cannot be ignored! The Navigators has taken a leading role in this matter in the Christian community — the national Sexual Health and Wholeness (SHAW) team, of which DeAnn is part, is actively pursuing Biblical and Spirit-led wisdom and training to engage people in a Christlike way. No one needs that more than our students! They’re on the very front line! But before we bring it to them, we need all hands on deck, so we will begin with a “town hall” meeting with parents to seek common ground, understanding, unity and input as we prepare to engage their students with these ideas and equip the parents to do so as well. Please pray for all of the above as we enter this very challenging and potentially divisive conversation.

• Next Generation : When The Navigators determined earlier this year that its various missions and ministries were lacking a unified “face” with all of their different names and logos, they sought to bring all of that together under one common logo and did away with the “Nav—“ names for ministries. Sadly, that meant that the end of the year was the end of the beloved NavYouth name and logo. Considering our calling verses and The Navigator calling, consulting with our youth, a new name was chosen to represent what we are really about — Next Generation … 

“Walk about Zion … that you may tell of it to the next generation, for this God is our God for ever and ever … “ (Ps 48:12-14)

"One generation will commend your works to another” (Ps 145:4)

“To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations … “ (The Navigator calling)

This is what we are about! And in all we do, prayer is the most important part! Thank you for talking with God about these monumental matters of young hearts and lives! Truly, we need mountains to move! United in Him, we’ll see it happen!

Don & DeAnn