Abby and Greg Schumacher

About Abby and Greg Schumacher

My mission is to reach the hearts of young people (12-18 years old) with the message of abstinence-until-marriage by:
• exposing cultural lies and replacing with them with Biblical truth and
relevant statistics.
• empowering students to see that abstinence is about saying “yes” to
God’s best for their lives.
• equipping them with practical strategies and resources they can use
to live out a pure lifestyle.
• encouraging parents to be their child’s primary influence as they
navigate the “white waters” of the teenage years.

Talking with teens about abstinence is simply the “tip of the iceberg” YET the gateway to their souls. In a culture where we’re bombarded by thousands of sexual messages each day, the ultimate prayer is that this ministry will help students:
• recognize God’s purpose for marriage and design for sex.
• grasp their need for the Gospel and see their relationship with Jesus
Christ as the “backbone” for all their decisions.
• realize the love/acceptance they’re yearning for will only be met in
• honor God in their daily choices and behaviors.
• set goals and dreams for their lives, knowing that the choices they
make today will impact their future.