Chris Kitamura

About Chris Kitamura

Currently ministering at UC Irvine in California, which is in Orange County. UC Irvine is a diverse campus with about 33 percent of undergrad students being caucasian. So, this half-Japanese, half-caucasian fits right into the campus.

A couple verses that I’ve always taken to heart are 1 Corinthians 2:4-5. What is proclaimed, what I do is all because of the Lord. My hope is that each student would be a laborer for God’s kingdom for the rest of their lives, and that their relationship with the Lord would be the center to which every aspect of their lives would stem from. College is a significant time for life. Habits and character traits that will stay for the rest of life begin to be solidified in this time. These are all reasons why I’m glad to have the privilege of ministering full time to students.