Ben and Caryn Burchardi

About Ben and Caryn Burchardi

Caryn and I each made the most important decision of our lives during our first year in college. God used The Navigators at the University of Florida to help me develop an accurate picture of Him and I came to trust Jesus with my whole heart as a freshman. Caryn grew up in Colorful Colorado, where she attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She encountered Jesus through The Navigators as a freshman as well.

We have a passion to know Christ deeply and to share who He is with those around us. We love working with college students helping them to grow deeper in their understanding of Jesus, their ability to relate with others well and build foundations to help them for a lifetime.  Caryn and I are privileged to serve with The Navigators at the University of South Carolina. We have three children, Sophia, Nora, and David, and enjoy students sharing life with our family.