Jason Capp

Jason Capp

Jason and Rachael have been serving with The Navigators in Tokyo, Japan since 2010. Jason and Rachael met at Bible college in Missouri, and then they were married in 2006. They have one son, Logan, and a daughter, Joli Joy (AKA JoJo).

The Navigator ministry in Japan is a young adults ministry. We have a college club called Tokyo BEST (Bible, English, Sports, Travel) that we use to help introduce Japanese college students to the Bible, Jesus, and prayer for the very first time. In the course of their four year college career, our Tokyo BEST students truly begin to understand the love of God through relationships, service work, and Biblical study.

After college, we provide two more ministries known as BEST Community and Working Together. BEST Community is a monthly gathering we hold for our graduates, so that they can continue to grow in the Word and better understand their purpose in God’s Kingdom. Working Together is a phenomenal ministry we do once a year that allows both our college students and our graduates to come together and learn from each other. Through Working Together, we teach how to better prepare for the work world, family life, and spiritual life by teaching Biblical truths and sharing testimonies.

God is working in tremendous ways through Tokyo BEST, BEST Community, and Working Together. Please continue to pray for the Japanese, and pray that the LORD will continue to pierce their hearts and help them understand the love of Christ and to help teach their fellow Japanese to do the same.


January 1, 1970

Happy New Year from Tokyo, Japan! 2017 was an amazing year for our ministry, and we are very much looking forward to 2018. Please pray for our students and graduates, and pray also for our team this next year.