Laura Karlin

About Laura Karlin

I met The Navigators as a freshman at the University of Nebraska by getting involved with a Bible study in my dorm. Over the next four years, I learned more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus and how to help the people around me learn more about Him too, and it changed my life!

Because I was helped so much during my time with the Navs in college, I graduated and joined staff in 2008 to help college women like me grow in their own walks with God. Now I’m passionate about walking alongside students and young staff women as they struggle with spiritual questions and life issues, take steps of faith, seek to know God more deeply, and to “know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19)!


November 18, 2019

"Lord, what word do you have for me today? What word do you have for us today?" These are the questions we asked the Lord this morning to begin our weekly staff meeting. Our staff of 11 team members meets every Monday from 9am to noon to prepare and plan for the upcoming week of ministry. And it's oh-so easy to jump right into problem-solving mode without pausing to set our minds on the Lord, asking Him what His plans are for the week. So this morning we took 15 minutes in silence to listen to God, to ask Him what He would say to us, and we ventured on into our meeting from there.
At this point in the semester, we only have TWO full weeks of time on campus before finals week. I feel my need for the Lord's guidance and direction in how I spend my time, and how I can best encourage students in their relationships with Him. Will you pray the Lord helps me use my time well, and to point students to Him as Christmas approaches? Thank you!!