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Every Navigator’s passion is to help others “to know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same™.” Through small-group Bible studies and Life-to-Life™ discipleship, we come alongside people and teach them to be Christ’s followers as they study and apply the Word of God to chart their lives. Then we train them to pass what they have learned on to others.

As part of Navigators Nations Within, we seek a more cohesive mosaic of diverse peoples within the United States. We’re focused on advancing the Gospel to those within our nation who have a cultural or national identity distinct from the majority culture. We do this because the bouquet of the nations in the United States is a Kingdom opportunity. As a ministry of The Navigators our end game is seen in Revelation 7:9, to see “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (ESV). That’s exactly what we strive to do—one relationship at a time.


October 31, 2019

Prayer Update From Vic and Lindy Black
November 2019

Please cover us and our staff family in prayer over these next eleven days. These are crucial days!

We’re leaving snow and single digit temperatures behind and heading to Orlando, Florida tomorrow! Thought you’d enjoy this old beach shot as we head to our national conferences and some special time with some of our kids and grandkids.

Oct 31, We fly to Orlando to connect with Jason and Adrienne, Benjamin and Ashley, and their kids for a few days at Disney before our conference begins. Pray for protection, good health, lots of fun and great memories!

Nov 7-10, Our National Staff Gathering (NSG) and separate President’s Gathering (PG). We only have a national gathering every four years. So, this is significant for our staff family – for relationships, vision casting, and recommitment to the Lord and our Calling. The PG includes donors of The Navigators. We will be back and forth between these events. Many details and much preparation has gone into the years leading up to these key events. Lindy has been a co-overseer of the NSG, so she knows! This staff gathering marks the big launch of a new national strategy (which you have been hearing about from us). Pray against all enemy activity that would come against these events and for Holy Spirit to move with power and freedom.

During these two events, Lindy speaks or is “up front” six times. She really desires to speak from her heart, led by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for an anointing of wisdom, power and grace.

Vic will be guiding a God-focused time centered around John 15 (the Vine and the branches), confession and repentance for all our staff at the NSG.

It’s hard to describe how much work, tears, writing and rewriting of agendas and scripts has gone into the NSG and PG. We deeply long for God to “show up” and move undeniably in our midst. Would you pray with us for a powerful sense of unity and love?

We will enjoy Thanksgiving with Julia, Joshua and the boys in Denver and with Lindy’s mom and dad. Pray for relaxation and restoration! We have much to be grateful for including the prayers each one of you prays for us!

Thanks so much for praying!
Vic & Lindy

October 7, 2019

Prayer Update From Vic and Lindy Black

1978 Flashback! Thought you’d enjoy this on a Monday morning. Perhaps it will help you pray for us today.

7 – 10, Lindy has NLT week. There are critical discussions and decisions as we near our National Staff Gathering and the President’s Gathering in November. Also, the Strategy on the Road continues to roll out to our staff in the field. This will be a full week for her. Prayer for wisdom, joy, and strength for her and for the team.

11 – 12, Vic teaches at Healing Journey, a conference put on by the Anglican Church we are a part of. This is a huge privilege as well as a huge responsibility. His topic is the Authority of Believers in Spiritual Warfare. Please pray for wisdom and focus for this presentation.

16 – 19, Vic is in Atlanta. He will be leading a prayer retreat for the diverse minstries of Navigators in the city. Pray for unity, connectedness, and clear leading from Holy Spirit.

22 – 24, Lindy has NLT Offsite. One day will be devoted to the principles of the book, RARE Leadership, with the author. The other two days will focus on our leadership of our four year strategy. More than anything, ask the Lord to give humble and discerning hearts, and unity.

The third group of Sharpen the Axe began this month. This two year intense leader development program can be a life changing experience for the 22 leaders participating. Pray for courage, wisdom and learners’ hearts for each!

As we said last month, preparation and planning for our National Staff Gathering and the President’s Gathering in November, are intense this month. Pray not only for us, but for the directors’ team and the many teams working toward this once every four year event.

And we continue to want to experience the rest of abiding in Christ minute by minute. In short, we need your prayers – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. There is much at stake and we serve at the pleasure of the King. It is His name and renown that are the desire of our hearts. (Isaiah 26:8)

Thanks so much for praying!
Vic & Lindy

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