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John and Jessica Payton

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About John and Jessica Payton

John and Jessica Payton serve The Navigators as the Iowa State University Campus Directors.  In this capacity they provide overall direction for the ISU Navigators, lead the staff team, develop community relationships, and see that the campus and staff team are well resourced financially.  John also serves with the Staff Development and Care team for The Navigators, which gives leadership to training, ongoing professional development, counseling, and leader development for our Navigator staff nationwide.

As students involved with Navigator ministries, John and Jessica learned how to walk deeply with Jesus and how to pass this on to others.  They have a high value for partnering together in ministry and share a passion to disciple generations of college students, helping them to know Christ and make Him known.  They are excited to personally invest in students and impact the world through the campus.

John and Jessica have been with the Navigators since 2002 and have three sons, Joseph, Jonathan, and James.  Prior to serving at Iowa State, they worked with students at the University of Northern Iowa and then pioneered a Navigator ministry at Northwest Missouri State University.


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