Art and Robin Allen

About Art and Robin Allen

Our mission consists of reaching out to military, first responders and their families by bringing the life changing message of the Gospel into their lives.

Our ministry is highly relational and takes the intentional investment of time and instruction to result in mature healthy believers living and laboring for Christ for a lifetime.

We begin this discipleship process by building biblical foundations, into their lives, one by one and in small groups, helping them grow strong in biblical disciplines like: Prayer, Bible study, Scripture memory, Sharing Christ with others, intentional healthy fellowship and helping them make other disciples strongly rooted in their faith. As they are being equipped, they begin to minister to others.

This doesn’t happen without Challenges. They face many difficulties. Many have issues and troubled backgrounds that have crippled them in their spiritual lives. They experience unique needs and issues especially since the country seems upside down.

So we strive to engage these warriors right where they are, attune to their specific needs, bringing hope and strength through a relationship with Christ. On any given day Art meets with individuals over meals and in the evenings for personal one to one time, he prepares for each encounter and multiple small group bible studies and training conducted during the week.