Dexter and Patriece Johnson

About Dexter and Patriece Johnson

Patriece and I launched the grass roots ministry here at Joint Base Charleston in 2005 and it has been an exiting adventure to partner with the Lord and His work! I met the Navigators at the age of 18 as a young Airman at my first Duty Station in England, so it is an honor to minister to our military members. We see these men and women as not only the future leaders of this country but also as potential leaders to reach the World for Christ as we train and send them out to make disciples all around the world!

At Joint Base Charleston we are committed to equipping military men and women to become life long disciples of Jesus Christ. As we come along side these precious men and women, we want to see them transformed by the power of the gospel and intentionally help them to grow and mature in Christ. Ultimately, we want to help them to see the military as a strategic mission field and opportunity to advance the Kingdom.


March 23, 2020

The Gospel is Unstoppable: AFAM Conference Recap

As the risks of coronavirus in the United State became evident in early March, leaders of the Navigators African American Network (AFAM) faced a decision about their long-planned-for conference set…

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