Evan and Kim Griffin

About Evan and Kim Griffin

We are a part of an amazing staff team at the University of Cincinnati who are trying to help students develop spiritual direction and depth in their lives while having a blast in the process. We pray for our students that 1) they will experience the reality that God their Father, who loves them with a staggering love, is dreaming dreams about what their lives could become if they allow themselves to be caught up in the story He is writing in this world; 2) they will become so amazed by Jesus that they will throw their whole allegiance in with Him as their King; and 3) they will become so tuned into the Spirit of God that He can lead them into every adventure He has for them. We believe that as they respond to the Trinity in these ways, they will become ‘insiders’, bringing the kingdom with them wherever they are, and ‘alongsiders’, spiritual friends and traveling companions who are helping others to do the same in their own lives and in the lives of still others. In so doing, together we will advance the good news of Jesus and His kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.


April 1, 2013

The Slow, Exciting Process of Transformation

The Gospel is about transformation — about God changing peoples’ character. It’s an exciting, mysterious process that sometimes seems excruciatingly slow—especially when you invest most of your time in the…

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