Wesley and Johnena Drake

About Wesley and Johnena Drake

Wes currently serves as Deputy Director of Navigators World Missions to create capacity for the Director and his functional leaders and to advance World Missions critical initiatives.

Wes and his wife, Johnena, joined Navs Military in 1990 after Wes spent seven years on active duty as a Navy pilot and several years working for Ford Aerospace. Wes continued in the Navy Reserve until retirement as a Commander in 2001. They have served with The Navigators in Texas, Germany, Austria, and Washington state before moving to their current location in Colorado Springs, CO during 2010. Wes and Johnena met while participating in Navs Collegiate while attending Ohio State in the early 70’s. They led their church in The Navigators 2:7 series during the early 80’s. They have three married children and four grandchildren.

Wes and Johnena are passionate about mentoring people in studying the Scriptures, experiencing personal spiritual transformation, and living out the life of Jesus Christ within their network of friends and co-workers, believing that Jesus wants to use each person to connect others to God.