Al and Iris Engler

About Al and Iris Engler

As leader of the Nav Neighbors Mission, Al has a passion to develop lifelong laborers in neighborhoods, communities, and natural affinity groups.

“My heart’s desire is to help laborers successfully live out the love and life of Christ right where they live,” Al says. “I believe that God is planting these men and women next door to everyone, and the Nav Neighbors Mission will serve them as they advance the Gospel through their natural life networks.”

Al came to this role through a unique pathway—the military. He began serving with the United States Army in 1975. During his time in the Armed Forces, he served in several intelligence and logistics roles, and was deployed during Operation Desert Storm. He served in the Army National Guard until 2006. He has also served on staff with The Navigators since 1986.

This afforded Al and his wife, Iris, the opportunity to pioneer community-focused ministries in the United States and across Europe. Prior to his most recent role as the Navs Army director,

Al was the leader of Nav ministries in Seattle from 2006-2011. Al and Iris have two adult children and a son-in-law. They currently live in Seattle, Washington, where they enjoy spending time outdoors.