Joe Violi

About Joe Violi

I first met The Navigators as a freshman in college. I didn’t know it at the time but that proved to be a pivotal point in my life and in my relationship with God. I was invited to join a bible study and for the first time understood and embraced the gospel.

The Navigators are dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually, to come alongside them one on one and in small groups, to study and apply the Bible, and to develop a deeper walk with God. High value is placed on the individual as the love of Christ is demonstrated in tangible ways. These are the things that attracted me to The Navigators in college and these are things that many students still respond to today.

I see lost college students in need of the hope that can only come from knowing Christ. I see students needing to grow in their walks with the Lord and develop into devoted followers of Jesus. And I see the incredible potential of young men and women living for Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples in all nations.