Leaving a Legacy of Generosity

Living and working in North Jersey during the late 1980s sent us desperately looking for good advice on money. Interest rates were exploding, and with a young growing family the cost of just life seemed out of control. One voice I discovered in what seemed like a morass of messages was author Ron Blue. His book, Master Your Money, spoke truthfully with principles from God’s Word, and practically with tips on getting money under control. He coached us to set a lifestyle with margin that gave us resources to apply to long-term goals and dreams. Looking back now, almost 28 years later, we are grateful that his voice enabled us to make decisions that laid a foundation for our family’s future.

Recently while attending a Kingdom Advisors (Ron Blue’s organization for financial advisors) monthly gathering, I was reminded again of timeless principles about money. Ron shared three questions that need to be answered by each of us in all stages of life, but especially as we look ahead to leaving a legacy of generosity.

  • Who owns it?
  • How much is enough?
  • Is the next steward chosen and prepared?

In our discussions we concluded the questions should be answered in order, because they build upon each other.

One spiritual discipline my wife, Katie, and I have chosen to do daily is to pray the Lord’s Prayer, which helps us answer the first two questions. As we pray the simple words that Jesus instructed us to pray, we are reminded of the answers. Our lives are about His Kingdom (not ours), and He will provide our “daily bread,” which is enough for today.

Answering that third question can be a bit more elusive. One tool that we are using to leave a legacy and help prepare and inform “the next steward(s)” is the simple tool of a will. Sadly, 53% of Americans still do not have a will. The Navigators free Wills Guide is a great resource to help you gather the information and make the decisions that will be incorporated into your will.

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