Greek Navs Inviting Students to Follow Jesus

“Here we are, in a hot tub. Is this weird?”

Nav staff Keith Pepsny was baptizing eight students from the “Greek Navs” ministry at the University of Washington, staring at nearly 70 onlookers in a neighbor’s backyard. Several of them were unbelievers, there to support a friend.

Inviting Greek Students to Follow Jesus

“Hearing students say ‘yes’ to Jesus publically was very powerful,” Keith says. “One of the Sigma Nu guys came out of the water and was instantly surrounded by his fraternity brothers! It wasn’t manufactured—just something the Holy Spirit did. There was a great tenderness with those students that chilly morning that has continued to this day.”

“We studied John 7, where Jesus declares ‘come to me all who are thirsty,’” Keith says. “We started to notice an openness toward the Lord. We saw tears, people repenting of their sin, experiencing God touching their hearts and minds in some very powerful ways. As I was praying for these students, the image of baptism came to mind. A lot of UW students are unchurched or have never had the opportunity to profess their faith publicly!”

Junior informatics major and Sigma Phi Epsilon member Adam Sebetich is one of the students involved in the Greek Navs ministry. “I never believed that joining a fraternity would allow me to be plugged into such an amazing community of friends and believers,” Adam says. “Three members of my fraternity were baptized that day, but ten brothers came to support me. I wanted them to know that God is the center of my life.”

Behind each individual baptism is an ongoing story of discipleship. “Keith invested in me my freshman year,” Adam says. “Though I came to Jesus in high school, my faith flourished with the help of Keith and the Navigator community here at UW. I am so thankful.”

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