Titus 3:9-15

Titus 3:9-15 … Much damage is done to the cause of Christ through meaningless controversies within the church. The letters to Timothy warned against factions in the church and Titus receives the same counsel in 3:9-11, the final admonition of this letter. Factions divide and divert the attention of the church when it ought to be united in the purpose of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ and helping many grow in their faith and knowledge of Christ. Every other pursuit pales by comparison. The final notes in the letter to Titus provide some historical interest because they evidently refer to a time after Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome (when he apparently succeeded in his appeal to the unstable Nero). It’s also worthwhile to note that the letter urges good deeds and fruitfulness on the part of God’s people.

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