Romans 16

Romans 16 … Opens with an introduction to Phoebe, who many think may have been the motivation for the Roman letter at this particular juncture in Paul’s ministry. Phoebe could serve as a reliable messenger since she had plans to travel to Corinth from Rome where Paul wrote the letter. After all, we’re in the 1st century and post offices didn’t exist. The only reliable way to communicate was by having a trusted courier. The knowledge of someone planning a trip would stimulate letter writing as it did for the inspired Paul. Paul’s life after his conversion on the road to Damascus is characterized by a passion to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and we repeatedly see him writing, speaking and sharing the love of God in Christ as he does in this letter. The closing verses include greetings to and from Paul’s fellow saints (believers) and express the sense of community that ought to characterize Christian churches everywhere, while also warning against false teaching. The letter to the Romans ends with a wonderful and often repeated benediction (v.25-27).

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