Romans 15:1-13

Romans 15:1-13 … This passage continues the admonition of tolerance from the ending verses of Romans 14. Ray C. Stedman (deceased Pastor and very gifted teacher from the Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto) advises there are two things to consider in accommodating tolerance with a “weaker” brother or sister. First, love your neighbor as yourself; that is, accommodate when you possibly can. But second, and most importantly, don’t confirm or affirm harmful behavior or thoughts; leave that person with godly advice (Romans 15:2 … “to build him up”). Romans 15:3 includes a quote from Psalm 69:9, indicating how Christ bears with our weaknesses and so we also ought to bear with others’ weaknesses, and not be exasperated by them. The passage also encourages acceptance of others, which is more embracing and more cultivating of relationships. The purpose is given (after good Old Testament verses are shared) in Romans 15:13 … that we might be able to abound by the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the business of having a truly remarkable and impactful day.

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