Romans 14

Romans 14 … The Bible says nothing of the distinctions that we make so much of today with believers dividing themselves on Sunday mornings into various denominational settings. If there is a passage to address denominations, it would be Romans 14 where we’re encouraged not to make too much of the differences. While there are important distinctions among the faith communities, most parishioners couldn’t enumerate or defend them. Romans 14 instructs us not to erect obstacles out of these that impede growth in Christ-likeness. Righteousness, joy (celebration), peace and the knowledge of God are the things of the Kingdom that should receive priority. And so, as we look at these things, we’re told not to be judgmental. The Apostle Paul gives a great application of this in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 where he indicates that he’ll work with any group in order to bring them to Christ. That’s good motivation and it’s the example we’re to see in Romans 14.

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