Romans 12:9-21

Romans 12:9-21 … We are into practical application of the Gospel message and these verses in this closing portion of Romans 12 are powerful. They come at us in a rapid-fire sequence but should not be passed over lightly. It reads like a creed for personal practice that ought to be memorized, internalized and practiced by every believer. It’s rich in Christlikeness. Verse by verse, we’re given maxims to guide life.

In verse 9 … love unconditionally and unselectively, cleaving to good, abhorring evil! In verse 10 … devotion to others with humility. I love verse 11– fervent, not lagging! It’s like a call-to-action, reminding us that we’re in the Lord’s service. Verse 12 … rejoicing, persevering, devoted to prayer. Verse 13 – charity and hospitality. Verse 14 – easy to say, harder to do: bless those who persecute you (should remind us of the Sermon on the Mount). Verse 15 – compassion. Verse 16 humility again … esteeming others more highly than ourselves (which is a wonderful way to brighten anyone’s day)! Verse 17 – retribution is wrong; standing up for what is right “in the eyes of everybody” … which means, take a public stand, be an example to all! Verse 18 (interesting verse) … if possible be at peace with others. And the passage ends with encouragement to be an “overcomer” (a wonderful word, by the way), overcoming evil with good. So you see how transforming these traits can be, and perhaps we have the reason Martin Luther felt that Romans should be memorized word-for-word by every Christ follower.

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