Revelation 7

Revelation 7 … The book of Revelation may be daunting in some respects, but it is also wonderfully helpful in explanation. About the time we may be reeling from the revelation of a coming terrible time of Tribulation, we get a respite. The Revelation of the risen Christ through the Apostle John actually has interludes of explanation interspersed between the end-time glimpses.

Chapters 7 is the first of those, interrupting the Great Tribulation at mid-point. Revelation 6:17 ended with a question about the Tribulation time: “… who can stand?” This chapter will answer that question. John saw a vision in heaven, perhaps symbolic, of four angels holding back events on earth while another angel urgently calls for a suspension of time (v.3) “until we put a seal on … the servants of our God.” During the Tribulation, 144,000 Jewish folks are described with their Jewish heritage, as “sealed” or marked for salvation.

Actually there are three groups who place their trust in Christ for salvation during the Tribulation period, three groups who are able to stand: the martyrs identified in Revelation 6:9-11, the 144,000 Jewish witnesses, and the great multitude “from every nation, peoples and tongues.” Their salvation is accomplished through the only means of salvation (7:14), the atoning sacrifice of Christ Jesus, by faith alone, though grace alone (Ephesians 2:8-9).

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