Philippians 2:19-30

Philippians 2:19-30 … Later in this letter, the Apostle will tell us (Philippians 4:8) to meditate on those things, actions and activities that are of “good report.” Here, in the closing verses of Philippians 2, we have Paul’s testimony back to the church at Philippi of two companions who have earned a good report and they are given as an example to us. The first example is Timothy … probably in his early twenties … and the trust Paul expresses is remarkable. That’s one of the big issues today … whom can you trust? Paul’s answer is this: one of kindred spirit. A kindred spirit is one with the same worldview, same devotion and commitment and similar abilities to produce a similar result. The testimony concerning Timothy is that “there is no one else like him … who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare.” The concern expressed is that there are many who seek after their own interests, not those of Christ Jesus (v.21). We would be well advised both to emulate and to look for “Timothy like” qualities.

The other example is Epaphroditus, who apparently was pastor to the church in Philippi and who the church sent with support for Paul who was imprisoned in Rome at the time. (It was characteristic of prison in those days … and really for nearly 1900 years afterward … that any food, clothing or care you received in prison had to be provided by friends … the jailers only prevented escape, they didn’t provide meals.) In his service to Paul, Epaphroditus became very ill and Paul expresses deep gratitude to the Philippians and to Epaphroditus for his commitment. Thus far in Philippians we’ve covered a great deal but two themes stand out: first, that Christ should be the believer’s life (Philippians 1:21) and second that Christ should be the believer’s mind. Those attributes should be evident in a true church as they are in the two examples set before us in these verses.

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