Mark 14:66-72

Mark 14:66-72 … Peter denied Christ three times, just as Jesus said he would (14:30). Three opportunities to acknowledge relationship with the Savior, with the King, with the Messiah of God, and three times … failure. Before we’re too hard on Peter, we ought to examine the circumstances and then examine our own hearts. Peter is in a life and death situation. If he acknowledges his association with the Christ, he’ll find himself in the same situation, on his way to trial and execution. What is there about life that we seem to prize it above everything? Is it truly that important? Or is eternal life the objective of life? That seems to be the issue here: clinging on to what is temporal, what is in hand, no matter how insecure. How differently we could live if we lived with eternity in view. And of course, that’s what Scripture encourages us to do. Live as pilgrims; we’re just passing through. Heaven is our home. Peter is learning that, however slowly. It gives us something to ponder!

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