Mark 14:12-31

Mark 14:12-31 … Mark’s Gospel is characterized by brevity and his account of the Last Supper is brief as well. We might note the miraculous preparation for the Passover Meal in Mark 14:12-16 … as the disciples find everything prepared as Jesus has told them, right down to the man with the pitcher of water who would guide them. Then we have the record of the meal itself and the confrontation with Judas, who is not named, nor is his departure noted in this account. Perhaps the remarkable thing is that sadly, the disciples felt that they might have been capable of betrayal as well. Mark records their questions: “Is it I?” We’re reminded of our own failures as Christ followers and our own need for confession, repentance and re-commitment as disciples of Jesus.

Finally, we have the Lord’s Supper, recorded in all four Gospels For over 2,000 years the church has continued to honor Jesus’ instructions to celebrate communion. This tradition takes on many forms but brings a rich worship experience to all who participate. Jesus concludes the Passover Meal in telling the disciples that they will all fail during the trial and crucifix ion, but that following the resurrection, He would meet them all in Galilee

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