Luke 24:28-35

Luke 24:28-35 … This segment of Luke 24 will continue and conclude the experience on the road to Emmaus. Jesus, during this post- resurrection period of forty days and before His bodily ascension into heaven is still with the two (Cleopas and another unidentified person) He encountered while walking on the road to Emmaus. Night was falling and the two travelers urged Jesus to stay the night with them. The implication is that they were thrilled with the exposure to the Scriptures they were getting from this Stranger and wanted to continue the discussion. They probably stayed at a roadside refuge of some kind, perhaps at a home … we’re not given that detail, but Jesus (still unknown to these two) shared a meal with them.

At the meal, Jesus took charge and broke the bread, blessed it for their use and distributed it to them. In the tenderness of that moment and in the sharing of the bread of the table, right along with the Bread of Life they were getting from His teaching, they then recognized Him. At that moment, He miraculously left them and vanished. What a moment! Can you imagine? They were stunned obviously, but immediately recognized the significance of the encounter with the Risen Christ, left their lodging place without any delay and returned that very moment to find the disciples in Jerusalem to tell them what had happened. This is pretty thrilling stuff!

They acknowledge how (v.32), even though they had not recognized Jesus while He was explaining the Scriptures to them, they had been deeply moved and their hearts “burned within them” while He was speaking. Now, here’s what you might want to note about this encounter: recall how dejected they were as they walked along (v.21). They were filled with despair and felt their hopes had been dashed. And note the transformation in attitude and vision as they personally experienced the resurrected Christ. Hope is restored! That’s just the reaction we should have as we read this account. Christ has done great things, hope is restored: Our God reigns!

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