Luke 24:1-12

Luke 24:1-12 … The women we read about in the opening of this last chapter in Luke are the same women who watched as Jesus’ body was laid into the tomb (Luke 23:55) … they saw how His body was laid in it. Now, with burial spices prepared to cover the scent of decay, they returned on Sunday morning (the day following the sacred Sabbath … the first day of the Jewish work week) and discovered to their great surprise and dismay … there was no corpse in the tomb! Luke 24:4 saves us from the women’s possible reactions because a supernatural appearing of two men in clothes that gleamed like lightening provided explanation (Luke 23:23 identifies these as angels). The angels reminded them that Jesus had told them repeatedly that He would suffer at the hands of the Gentiles, be killed and then rise on the third day (Luke 18:31-34 is one instance of that). Then they remembered His words! (v.8) The women then went to the eleven remaining disciples to share this miraculous experience with them, only to be met with disbelief! (v.11)

It seems like the disciples might not have been so dull in understanding these events, but they were. But Peter … not doubting Peter … but the Peter who didn’t have the courage during Jesus’ arrest and trial to acknowledge that he was a disciple of the Master … Peter ran to the tomb to see for himself (v.12), and then went away, marveling at what had occurred.

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