Luke 23:50-56

Luke 23:50-56 … The closing verses of Luke 23 contain the simple but poignant facts of the burial of Jesus of Nazareth—Jesus: the Messiah of God, Savior of the World, and Redeemer of mankind who was given for our transgressions and suffered the penalty we deserve. His battered and assaulted body was taken by a man unknown to us previously, one member of the Sanhedrin who had not voted for the death of Jesus, but who was a secret believer (a number of commentaries call him that). This individual is now moved, with some evident boldness, to go to Pilate and ask for the body. He is accompanied by another secret believer, Nicodemus, who we do know (John 3). These men are to be admired for the love shown by caring for the body of our Lord. Frankly, I think Christians are called to proclaim their faith, always wisely and in appropriate circumstances. But undercover Christianity isn’t the biblical model for faithful followers of Christ. Verse 54 identifies the day for us as Friday (the day of preparation), when Sabbath would begin at sundown. Women who were with Jesus prepared the anointing perfumes of burial, which they would bring to the tomb after the Sabbath.

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