Luke 23:32-37

Luke 23:32-37 … The crucifixion is here. So reverent is this that none of the Gospel writers expound on it at all. They simply say … they crucified Him. All of the images we might have come from paintings or depictions from commentators, but the Scripture is holy and reverent in this moment when Jesus, the Messiah of God took upon Himself the penalty for all the sins of the world for all time.

At the moment of crucifixion, you see what is in the heart of God … not resentment, not wrath, not penalty or punishment … but this … Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Forgiveness and love are always in God’s heart (John 3:16) and that’s what comes forth in this terrible moment of suffering … God’s love.

The late G. Campbell Morgan points out in the conversations of on-lookers that you have lack of understanding or, spiritual blindness.The people and religious rulers looking on said: “If this is the Messiah, let Him save Himself” (23:35), not understanding that the Messiah came to save others, not Himself. And the pagan soldiers of the Roman army (23:36) shouting: “If you’re a king, save yourself!” … not understanding that the role of true Kingship is to preserve and save His people, not to save Himself. Even in His final moments, the love of God shines through the Savior Jesus Christ.

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