Jude 8-16

Jude 8-16 … Jude is into the main body of his fiery message here. Apostate people, standing away from pure faith, were introducing false teaching and false practices into the church. They rejected authority, denied angels, and apparently advocated loose morals. Jude cites examples for rebuke, revealing some interesting detail. For example, only here and only Michael is identified as an archangel. And only here is a dispute with Satan over the body of Moses revealed, although it does have later mention in Jewish tradition. (Deuteronomy 34 holds that God took Moses in death and that his specific burial place is unknown.) The errors of these apostates are compared to serious sins recalled in Scripture (v.11): the way of Cain (persistent evil deeds, 1 John 3:12), the error of Balaam (false teaching for profit, encouraging sin, Numbers 22), and the rebellion of Korah (who rebelled against Moses, Numbers 16). These apostates were infiltrating themselves into the inner counsels of the church, sowing seeds of their erroneous ways. A “love feast” (v.12), is probably a fellowship dinner for the faithful, likely combined with communion in remembrance of Christ. The picture is of unfaithful and ungodly influences coming into the church.

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