Jude 1-7

Jude 1-7 … This is a third little letter, so small it has no chapter divisions. Jude identifies himself as a slave to Christ and brother of James. After a brief greeting (v.2), he launches into a very strong appeal. In other words, this is an emergency! This is important stuff! Here’s the appeal (v.3): “… contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” That’s it. Protect, guard, proclaim, and pass this vital faith on to your children for all time. Don’t allow it to be changed, diluted, or blended with something else, contend for it. “Contend,” according to the Greek dictionary of New Testament words, means strive, argue and defend, even struggle for the truth of the Gospel message.

The cause of the emergency communication broadcast in this letter is given in verse 4, which says that certain persons have begun to teach that the grace of God gives freedom for “licentiousness” which essentially means: “if it feels good, do it,” certainly not a biblically correct view. Jude will underscore his urgent message with examples of God’s judgment upon evil throughout history. That’s the dynamic opening of this vital letter, the next to last book of the New Testament.

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