John 19:17-27

John 19:17-27 … John’s crucifixion account is very brief, almost terse. The other Gospels provide more detail, not of the crucifixion itself, but of carrying the cross, of two who were crucified at the same time, of the crowds and atmosphere. But John is more sparing, telling us only that Jesus was in the center and that a sign had been prepared that provoked the Jewish leaders, saying that Jesus was King of the Jews. The victims of crucifixions were stripped naked when they were nailed to a cross, so we’re told of the soldiers’ gaming for possession of His clothing. That fulfilled the prophecy of Psalm 22:18, which incidentally is a psalm written by David 1,000 years before Christ that tells a great deal about crucifixion, even though crucifixions were unheard of in David’s time. It’s an amazing psalm in the context of what takes place here in John 19.

The four Gospels record seven “sayings from the cross”; John records only two, the first of which is in 19:27, an action to provide for the welfare of His earthly mother, Mary. It’s impossible to know why He asked John to provide life care for Mary, but He did and church history indicates that Mary lived with John in Jerusalem according to one version, and in Ephesus according to another. It was an act of love and concern for His mother, given despite incomprehensible suffering on the cross.

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