James 2:1-13

James 2:1-13 … At least nine times in Scripture (both Old and New Testaments), we’re told that God is not a respecter of persons, and that we shouldn’t be either. Everybody’s favorite illustration of what that means is next in the book of James. It tells of an elegantly dressed man coming into church and being seated in the best area and of a worker in dirty clothes being given a seat on the floor (James 2:1-7). It’s an inspired illustration, because if we’re honest, we all create some kind of pecking order in our assessment of others. The admonition of course should produce a correction in our thinking. James also uses his inspired illustration to point out that as we transgress any aspect of the Law of God, we’re guilty of all aspects. Included in all those laws we might be guilty of is that of showing mercy (1:13) … we expect mercy, so naturally our attitude toward everybody else, (everybody!), ought to be saturated with our own mercy. James concludes with an amazing and thoughtful statement: “Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

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