Ephesians 5:22-33

Ephesians 5:22-33 … There are many portions of Scripture that speak to marriage. This is one of them, perhaps the most important. Just three verses pertain to wives, all the rest to husbands. Many feel the topic is controversial, I do not. God prescribes a hierarchy in the marriage relationship to lead the family. The partners in marriage are equal before God and must mutually consult in every matter. But what occurs when there’s an impasse … when husband and wife cannot agree? When every attempt to resolve the matter has been unsuccessful, then the prayerful decision of the husband prevails. That’s the provision for decisions and it works: consult together and mutually determine decisions and in those few instances where agreement may be impossible, the husband has the heavy responsibility to decide. To guide that process, the remaining verses apply to the husband:

  1. First, to love his wife exclusively, unconditionally, and (most importantly) sacrificially. Sacrificial love means giving, not getting; it means loving no matter what.
  2. He is to love his wife above all things, even above his own well being, his own motives, always seeking what’s best for One clever man said it this way: “happy wife – happy life!” That’s surely true.
  3. Here we learn that two become Unity in marriage is a vital thing … it precludes having my way all the time, precludes being served all the time … it means seeking the other’s point of view and seeking the other’s well being.
  4. The model for all this is Christ and the Church. Marriage  is a sacred institution created by God for the completion of incomplete people, for happiness in life and for nurturing the family.

Frankly, with the kind of husband described here, I don’t think any woman would ever have a problem with the concept of submission in marriage.

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