Ephesians 5:1-21

Ephesians 5:1-21 … This first part of Ephesians 5 is filled with instruction for us. It’s best to outline it to try to gain the most from all the wisdom of God revealed here. The topic is how to “walk” or better, how to live lives worthy of our Savior. Note these things about the Christian life:

  1. First, we’re to live in love toward Not just affection, but sacrificial love as Christ loved us.
  2. Next, our actions in public or private should never bring discredit to the name of Christ … it follows that there should be no immorality or greed of any kind and certainly no coarse speech habits which would betray a coarse mindset.
  3. Further, the believer should be wary of those who might deceive us (v.6). That requires discernment and the wisdom of God given to us in His That’s the reason we should study and meditate in the Word throughout life as we should want to please God and to love the things of God (v.10).
  4. We’re warned not to participate in the activities of the This speaks to associations, alliances, certainly to marriage, so that we’re not partakers in godless activity (v.11-14).
  5. This portion of practical application in Ephesians closes (v.15-21) with very important instruction about the prudent use of We should seek the will of the Lord, not wasting time in drunkenness or other fruitless and harmful activity. Time is an important and vital resource. How we spend it says a great deal about what we really feel about who God is and what He has done for us in Christ.

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