Colossians 1:1-14

Colossians 1:1-14 … When computer people want to send large amounts of information, they compress it and then the recipient decompresses the data. The inspired mind of Paul compresses so much into a few words, it’s well to decompress it as you read to enjoy the full value. There’s an amazing amount of ministry in these few words. Consider some of these and their application to your own walk with the Lord.

  1. Praying always (v.3).
  2. A reputation for faith (v.4).
  3. Hope … in two dimensions: first, a future dimension – a future with Christ (v.5), and second, a present possession (v.6) with the ability to bear fruit right now!
  4. An objective of being filled with the knowledge of His will, and spiritual understanding (v.9).
  5. Strengthened for joyous patience and steadfastness (v.11).
  6. Being thankful for our salvation, redemption and forgiveness secured for us by Christ (v.12-14).

There’s much in just these opening verses to celebrate and worship. The Scripture has endless and lifetime value. None of us can get it all in one reading.

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