2 Peter 3:10-18

2 Peter 3:10-18 … Peter’s second letter is coming to a close, but he is not winding down. This is one of the great passages of Scripture on the end times. All of Scripture is compatible on the points he will make, and Peter gives us a synopsis with unmistakable meaning. At an unexpected time, the earth and heavens as we know them will be utterly destroyed by some kind of fire or explosion (2 Peter 2:10). That simple fact ought to cause spiritual reflection and introspection. That’s not the end by any means, because God will cause new heavens and a new earth to appear that will be characterized by purity and righteousness (v.13). While these events may come at an unexpected time, believers should live expectantly and prayerfully, because we know these things will surely come to pass, just as they’ve been described. It’s of great interest to the authenticity and reliability of the New Testament canon that Peter next refers to Paul’s letters (v.16) and in the same sentence adds “also the rest of the Scriptures,” indicating that even during Peter’s lifetime, Paul’s letters were considered part of the inspired text. Peter concludes with a warning to believers not to be carried away by unreliable teaching but to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

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