2 John 1-13

2 John 1-13 … This is a favorite little book, so small you might miss it. It’s the only book of the entire Bible that’s addressed to a Christian mother, an older woman whose children are apparently adults out in the world. We should note that it might also be to a congregation using the feminine personal pronoun. In either event, the message is unchanged and valuable to internalize. The Apostle John has seen the children, probably adult children or members of the congregation, out in the world and is so impressed with their Christian conduct and witness that he writes a letter of commendation. Isn’t that what you’d do?

There are four key messages to be gleaned, even though the letter consists of just a few verses. First, the truth of the Gospel is paramount (v.2). Next, children are like arrows launched into the world. It’s the parent’s responsibility to prepare them and point them as the elect lady of 2 John has done (v.4). Next, a theme of the Apostle John, love should be prominent in all we do (v.5-6). Combining the love of the Lord with the Word of the Lord is the key to an effective witness to the world. Finally, (v.7 and following), be wary of deceivers for there are many out in the world who would dilute and distort God’s Word. It’s a powerful little book. We rarely, if ever, will hear a sermon on it, but frankly, we should!

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