1 Timothy 5:16-25

1 Timothy 5:16-25 … This passage continues in instruction to the pastor in administration of the church. Here for example you have the scriptural warrant for a paid clergy (5:18) and also for the means of examining accusations of wrongdoing by leaders (or others) in the church (5:19-20). Candidly, there is a need for church discipline today. Sadly, people, including those in visible leadership positions, fall into serious sin and those situations need to be handled with love certainly, but also in an uncompromising way.

The “laying on of hands” refers to consecration of individuals for service, which should never be done hastily, but after careful consideration and prayer. Verse 23 has invoked a lot of interest because of its endorsement of wine for medicinal purposes and is an apparent parenthesis in the text. Still we learn from it.

The final two verses seem to be connected to verse 22 in that they deal with discernment of behavior and fitness for service. In some, good deeds (or sins) are obvious; in others they’re more latent. As a result, it’s wise to be patient and cautious before commissioning candidates for service.

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