1 Timothy 3:11-16

1 Timothy 3:11-16 … This passage continues the qualifications for deacons in the church, indicating that for those who serve, spirituality is a continuing and important consideration. The section here begins, depending on your translation, with women (or wives, or deaconesses … all are possible and correct translations of the Greek) and the qualifications are compatible with the other criteria for deacons. We should also note that honor should be afforded to deacons and others who serve in the church (v.13).

The mystery of godliness (v.16) likely refers to the mystery of Colossians 1:27, which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory. Verse 16 also expounds the evidence for Christ in six ways: His incarnation (“appeared in a body”), resurrection (“vindication by the Spirit”), exaltation (“seen by angels”), proclamation (“preached among the nations,” God’s means of salvation for the world), “believed on in the world” (faith comes by hearing … Romans 10:17), and ascension (“taken up in glory”). The evidence for Christ is very strong!

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