1 Thessalonians 3:1-6

1 Thessalonians 3:1-6 … Exemplary intensity of caring for one another is evident in the Scriptures. The deep personal caring of Paul toward the churches he established is seen in this brief letter to the Thessalonians. Paul’s worries for the believers caused him to send Timothy up to Macedonia (northern Greece) to express care and concern (3:5). That should cause us to pause and consider those in our own community sphere … how deeply do we care for others? And how does that manifest itself in daily interaction? It is something to consider in the rush of days. Here, in his letter to the Thessalonian church, Paul recognizes the hardships endured by Thessalonians who have broken free of the old life and are standing firm in their faith and profession in Christ Jesus. In our own day and time, breaking free from the old life may seem more difficult because our society is so secular. But that was true in the first century as well. Standing strong in your faith, and allowing your faith to demonstrate itself in remarkable acts of love and caring will make a tremendous impact on the world around us.

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