1 Peter 3:13-22

1 Peter 3:13-22 … This is a wonderful challenge for believers to be strong in their faith and fearless in sharing the things of Christ (1 Peter 13:15). Too frequently, believers are even reluctant within the safety of a church environment to share the things of Christ. The encouragement here is to be ready to respond, to look for the opportunities to talk about your faith and share the Gospel, which is clearly stated in verse 18. The statement in verse 19 about Jesus making proclamation to the spirits in prison is a source of some controversy. I believe the best explanation of the passage is that it does not refer to the period of time between the burial and resurrection of Christ (as some hold it does), but instead refers to the ministry of the Word in warning during the days of Noah (v.20). Those souls perished in the flood without redemption due to the prevailing evil on the earth at that time (Genesis 6:5).

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