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Titus 3:9-15

Titus 3:9-15 … Much damage is done to the cause of Christ through meaningless controversies within the church. The letters to Timothy … Continue Reading

Titus 3:1-8

Titus 3:1-8 … These verses begin the closing chapter of the letter to Titus and are an encouragement for godly living. They reflect what … Continue Reading

Titus 2:11-15

Titus 2:11-15 … These are important doctrinal verses in Titus that proclaim the Gospel of Grace. This is the reason for the behavioral … Continue Reading

Titus 2:1-10

Titus 2:1-10 … Our sin natures are apparent from an early age. Every mother has heard the words … “you can’t tell me what to do,” … Continue Reading

Titus 1:10-16

Titus 1:10-16 … These verses make clear the challenges Titus faced as he traveled to towns and villages all over the island of Crete. He … Continue Reading

Titus 1:1-9

Titus 1:1-9 … We come to the Letter to Titus, third of three of the sequence we call “Pastoral Epistles.” Chronologically, 2 Timothy … Continue Reading