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Romans 9:19-33

Romans 9:19-33 … The book of Romans is renowned for its logical presentation of arguments and today’s passage continues the discussion … Continue Reading

Romans 9:1-18

Romans 9:1-18 … The outline we use to aid understanding of the book of Romans is this: Romans 1-4      God’s Plan of Justification … Continue Reading

Romans 8:18-39

Romans 8:18-39 … The abundant provision of God toward faithful followers of Christ Jesus unfolds for us in the beautiful assurances of … Continue Reading

Romans 8:1-17

Romans 8:1-17 … Romans 8:1 is one of the great declarations of the Word of God. It should be memorized and shared; it’s vital to know. … Continue Reading

Romans 7:13-25

Romans 7:13-25 … The Apostle Paul, inspired writer of this masterpiece of logic we call the book of Romans, follows his statements … Continue Reading

Romans 7:1-12

Romans 7:1-12 … Following the illustration of the bondservant who can’t simultaneously serve two masters, and using the illustration of … Continue Reading

Romans 6:15-23

Romans 6:15-23 … Romans 6:14 is important to understanding the rest of the chapter. In a great declaration, it clearly says: “… sin … Continue Reading

Romans 6:1-14

Romans 6:1-14 … Paul’s argument (main idea) follows upon the statement in Romans 5:20 on the abundance of grace, and rhetorically asks … Continue Reading

Romans 5:12-21

Romans 5:12-21 … Pastors who preach through the book of Romans can sometimes spend a year or more teaching Romans because the principles … Continue Reading

Romans 5:1-11

Romans 5:1-11 … Chapter 4 presented the distinction between trusting the law and trusting faith in Christ and Romans 5 gives us the … Continue Reading